Automated Cad Intelligent Systems Takeoff

About Us

GMTEC is a Georgia corporation formed when its principals realized the need for a versatile and comprehensive contract glazing software program that would allow project managers and engineering departments to increase productivity through automation. With over 170 years’ combined expertise, GMTEC’s management understands the contract glazing industry – its methods, requirements, demands and needs.

Gmtec, llc

Our Team of Experts Includes

  • Luther Hudson, President, has 51 years’ expertise in contract glazing installations. Mr. Hudson is a former owner of a large glass and glazing company that operated primarily in the South Eastern United States. Currently, he is President of GMTEC, LLC.

  • Mike Evans, Senior CAD Designer, has 52 years’ experience in contract glazing installations. A former glass shop owner, Mr. Evans is currently a Partner in GMTEC, LLC.

  • Brian Burdette, has 35 years’ experience in contract glazing, including project management. Mr. Burdette is Owner and President of Glasstech Services Inc., a dedicated design and drafting corporation in Greensboro GA, and he holds an Engineering degree from Penn State University. Mr. Burdette is a Partner in GMTEC, LLC as well.

  • Brian Ingersoll, ACIST Developer, has 33 years’ experience in programming in an AutoCAD environment. With ACIST, he created a custom program to efficiently take off material requirements for contract glazing projects of any size or configuration. Mr. Ingersoll is Owner and President of Ingersoll Consulting, Inc. as well as an Autodesk Authorized Developer. Mr. Ingersoll is also a Partner in GMTEC, LLC.

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