Automated Cad Intelligent Systems Takeoff


Managing any size project is easier, thanks to ACIST from GMTEC. This contract glazing software solution was designed specifically for the glass and metal industry to increase productivity, eliminate ordering mistakes of glass, metal and accessories, and create accurate cutting and fabrication sheets in order to reduce mistakes in the fabrication process. With ACIST, project managers and engineering departments can more effectively manage their particular job needs with all the material data supplied directly from the AutoCAD® shop drawings.
ACIST is a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use tool that levels the field for project managers when it comes to material ordering. In addition, ACIST dramatically increases the production and accuracy of fabrication and cut sheets through the automatic generation of these documents
ACIST runs as an AutoCAD add-on, helping CAD operators gain the required efficiency needed in generating intelligent elevations and details within the ACIST program.

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  • Elevation Generating with Detail Package can create Intelligent Shop Drawings with elevations and details.
  • Has the Versatility to apply Intelligence to a Legacy set of Shop Drawings.
  • Applies Profile Intelligence to Details in AutoCAD and stores this data in the AutoCAD database.
  • Applies Detail Intelligence to the constituent parts of each Elevation then stores this data.
  • If the Intelligent Details and Elevations are modified at any time, ACIST will retain, adapt, and update the final takeoff or cut list accordingly.
  • Creates a takeoff of cut lengths of metal, accessories, and glass.
  • Lists ALL materials by floor and/or elevation.
  • Lists Glass by floor, elevation and/or type.
  • Eliminates manual takeoff of glass and metal - Data is taken straight from the shop drawings.
  • Creates Detailed Fabrication sheets including mitering, hole placement and notching requirements.
  • Populates Each Elevation with “TAGGED” metal part numbers for each horizontal and vertical member.
  • Applies Glass Sizes to every bay of glass on each elevation

For project managers... ACIST provides the hands-on control you need to do your job efficiently. ACIST can provide material takeoffs by floor, by individual shop drawing elevation, by building elevation, and by separating leave outs (due to buck hoists or other reasons). ACIST can provide total required quantities of materials needed for each phase of the project. In addition, ACIST can provide glass takeoff information to determine high/low volume glass breakout requirements.


  • Eliminates ordering and fabrication mistakes.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your AutoCAD environment.
  • Assists project managers by providing the information necessary to order metal, glass and accessories in any format desired (by floor, by elevation, total, etc.)
  • Provides cutting and fabrication requirements of the metal system in any format desired. whether it’s optimized or from longest to shortest.
  • Works with both custom systems and standard systems.
  • Reduces the risk of error when ordering glass and metal with multiple easy to use “check point” features embedded in program.
  • Retains and updates ALL data when revisions occur.
  • Enables fabrication and engineering departments to generate automated fab and cut sheets dramatically increasing productivity in these departments.

ACIST Includes the Following Modules

Basic Module

  • Elevation Generator
  • Elevation Management
  • Metal Profile Cut Sheets
  • Metal Order Optimization
  • Accesories Takeoff
  • Glass Lite Size Confirmation
  • Glass Order Confirmation
  • Glass Distribution

Fabrication Module

  • Fabrication Sheets
  • CNC Machine Output


What is ACIST?

ACIST is Software developed for the Contract Glazing Industry, providing the ability to generate shop drawings, along with accurate take-offs of Metal, Glass and Accessories.

In addition, ACIST can generate optimized metal cutting lists and fabrication sheets.

The ACIST program is designed to dramatically increase your companies productivity by providing an automated process to the shop drawing, material take off and fabrication/cut sheet generating process.

What Version of AutoCAD do I need?

ACIST currently works with AutoCAD 2015 and higher. 

Are there any other Software Requirements? 

Yes. ACIST is designed to work with Windows 7 Professional or Windows 10 Professional, and a recent version of Microsoft Excel. All ACIST reports are output to Excel spreadsheets. 

Does ACIST Software work with CNC saw stops? 

ACIST can output a .csv file for optimizing and CNC input. 

Will ACIST have Tech Support? 

Tech Support is planned for ACIST Customers from 8:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST. 

How can I find out if ACIST is right for me? 

Download the reports on this website (a printer with legal size paper is needed). Download ½ size shop drawing set (a printer with 11 x 17 paper is required). These downloads will give you a good idea of how ACIST can help you. 

Can I get a demonstration of how ACIST works?

Yes, simply contact us at 706-433-7991.  We will make arrangements for a webinar to demostrate the ACIST software.

See ACIST Contract Glazing Software In Action!